This is just a quickie…for the past few months / weeks I have been thinking about attempting macarons. Macarons scare the living shit out of me. The stuff of nightmares, well them and soufflés, oh and scary clowns. And ventriloquist dummies. Sob sob sob.

Now I love a good cake – cakes are easy, they’re quirky and if you botch it up then cover it up with frosting and no-one would ever ever know. But macarons – they are refined and delicate and if you mess it up then EVERYONE can see and then I’ll get upset and embarrassed. Me? perfectionist? No….

However, because I am just so stubborn and want to learn to be a better baker, I bit the bullet and decided just to give it a go. This was spurned on my the fact that my boss kindly brought me back some amazing macarons from Angelina in Paris whilst he was there last weekend… They were slightly battered, but delicious! Light, crispy, chewy and eaten on one sitting…all by me.

Ta Steven!

Anyway, to the macarons. As I said, I have been doing a lot of reading over the past few weeks and found a really good number of tutorials, a couple of which being from Food Nouveau, Bakerella and The Pink Whisk.

Across all 3 the recipes / techniques are pretty similar, using a French macaron recipe. I won’t post the recipe details now as I want to follow up with a full and thorough post on method, etc. once I really feel that I have nailed it.

I ended up making chocolate ones, I added cocoa to the shells and filled them with chocolate ganache.

I thought they looked good, chewy and slightly crispy on the tops of the shells. I think that the next time I make some I will tweak them slightly – I thought the almonds could do with being finer and I might not have mixed the meringue in enough, for fear of knocking all of the air out… But hey, overall I was pleased!

As I said, going to make some more this weekend so macarons will be back…

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